ReBEL Culture

People Matter in the ReBEL Lab!

Welcome to our research lab, a vibrant community fueled by curiosity, collaboration, and the power of teamwork. We embrace diversity, where various perspectives converge to ignite innovation and drive transformative discoveries.

The lab is a safe and inclusive space where diversity is celebrated, and everyone feels welcome. Lab members are respectful of each other’s backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We actively work to create an environment where everyone can contribute to the lab’s research goals.

At ReBEL, we have a strong sense of collaboration and teamwork. Lab members work together to solve problems and support each other’s research efforts. There is a culture of open communication, where lab members feel comfortable sharing their ideas, concerns, and feedback.

Lab members respect each other’s time and privacy. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and providing timely feedback on research progress. At the same time, we value work-life balance and encourage each other to take breaks, have fun, and pursue outside interests.

There is a culture of intellectual curiosity, where lab members are encouraged to explore new ideas and approaches. We are not afraid to challenge assumptions and ask tough questions. We value constructive criticism and are open to feedback that can help improve our research.

There is a culture of excellence, where lab members strive to produce high-quality research that makes a meaningful impact. We are passionate about our research and are committed to advancing rehabilitation research.


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